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Tarot Readings

A Tarot Reading provides guidance, insight and direction on a whole array of life experiences.  

Connect with your higher self, your guides, allies, angels and arch angels; the ones here to serve you. 


Tarot readings  can help you find clarity, understand life experiences, deepen relationships, overcome patterns, come to resolution in change, connect with your life purpose, and so much more. 


Readings are processed within 48 hours of booking upon payment. 



The Eye Inside

Check out The Eye Inside on  YouTube  for a peek into one of our premium Tarot Readings. 

Interested in finding out what The Cards have in store for you? Book a reading now!

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Reiki sessions

Reiki can relieve tension and stress as well as support the body in facilitating an environment for healing to occur on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and energetic. Tapping into the grids of the body, reiki assists in ensuring all systems are flowing in harmony.


Reiki is gentle, grounding and supportive of one's overall well being and can be done remotely. 




Water fasting is one of the world's oldest healing practices. 


Water fasting supports your body in healing and resetting your gut health, providing mental, physical and emotional clarity, and connects you to your ethereal self. 


You will be welcomed into a community of fellow fasters as we weave this sacred ceremony. 


Set an intention, learn the practice of imbuing, and step into a new experience for yourself. 


Water fast journeys vary from 1 day to 10 days.



Extraction work is energetic support for pulling out any densities, entities, patterns, thought forms, etc that are stuck in any of the bodies (physical, emotional, energetic).


Spirit Journeys

Understand multi dimensionality with guided meditations. Connect with your guides and allies. Come to resolution and heal various life experiences. 

Spirit journeys assist you in coming into your power, aligning with your own inner authority, and finding clarity on life direction and purpose. 
Know that you all fully supported, in all walks of life. 


Spirit Messages

Our Premium Membership Plan, Spirit Messages, is designed to help you along your Spiritual Journey. Additional messages from spirit, practices and downloads specifically for you.